Calling the US from Europe with Google: free for everyone?
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If I use Google Voice from Europe to call someone in the US, does the other person get charged for a long-distance call? Or does the number appear as a US number?
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The call will come from your Google Voice number, which is a domestic US number. No international long distance for the recipient.
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I don't think there's any scenario where the US recipient of an call originated abroad gets charged international rates, GV or not.
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I've done this plenty of times when I've been abroad, and it just appears like you're calling from your US Google Voice number, so they'll be charged whatever they'd be charged if you were calling from within the US.
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@kickingtheground Some cellphone plans still charge for incoming calls (mostly in the sense that those minutes are deducted from your monthly limit). Its been a while since I've had an international call, so I dunno whether there is a different charge for receiving one from overseas or not...

@Busoni If you're concerned about charges, maybe look into skype or something similar instead? The friend I used to chat with from the UK used to do voice chats over msn or other programs that offered the option.
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Thanks, everyone, that's what I thought, but I had a moment of panic when someone brought up the issue, and I started worrying about all the people I'd called in the past.
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