What's your view of Los Angeles?
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Where, exactly, on Mulholland Drive is the best place to take one of those iconic nighttime shots of Los Angeles and the valley all lit up?

Geo co-ordinates would be helpful if you have 'em.

Thanks in advance!
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This service/video may be relevant http://www.kinomap.com/#!km-57pmxt
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There are a couple, and it is less than a 20-minute drive between Beverly Glen and just past Runyon Canyon (where they will all be). They have lookouts on the road in the key spots... There are probably 5 of them. Good house watching up there too. I few really cool ones on the south side, just east of Coldwater Canyon.

For another cool shot, drive up to the end of Paso Miramar in the Pacific Palisades and walk from the dead end up the dirt road. 5 minutes up is a lookout that provides an amazing view of everything from Century City to the beach... From the Palisades down to Palos Verdes.
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Universal City Overlook has nice views and is easy to find.

Alternatively, Wildwood Canyon Park in Burbank has some lovely views of the Valley from the other direction.
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Best night-time LA view actually from Griffith Observatory IMO... I have had some good views of the Valley from Mulholland, don't recall exactly where, unfortunately.
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Actually, the BEST view of LA, IMHO, is just above Lake Hollywood. Be quick, tho, because security drives by a lot and you're not allowed to park there at night.
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Example view at Griffith Observatory of Los Angeles basin.
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Fair warning, you cannot park your car at the overlooks along Mulholland after a certain time (I think it's 9pm). They are aggressive about ticketing, too.
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I enjoyed the Hollywood Bowl Scenic Lookout.

Here's my photo from there, during the daytime.

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Awesome image, lathrop. But kdern, your "Here's my photo" link isn't what you intended, I think.
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