How to get Blogger links to work?
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How to get Blogger/Blogspot links to work?

People are unable to click on any links in my blog - be it to comment, or to go to older posts. The arrow doesn't even show up when you hover the cursor over the link. I am using the "simple" template. Can anyone enlighten me on how to fix this? Thanks!
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Could you post the URL here, so we can see what is going wrong?
posted by roofus at 8:09 AM on January 19, 2012

I think it's better you post the link in your profile; mefi rules and all.
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Are you putting the www. on the link ; missing that causes a problem. Even if you think it doesnt need it. otherwise the local site url gets added to the start.

In preview the links do not work so you need to update to see.

If you just pasted the link make sure it doesnt actually say httphttp or similar
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Response by poster: Hi. Sorry. My blog is
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Response by poster: That link didn't seem to show up. It's
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I'm not sure what is going wrong but I have discovered that if you disable JavaScript your links work or with JavaScript enabled disabling the external CSS file called 1756804974-widget_css_2_bundle.css also makes the links work again. Testing it in the browsers I have installed the problem only presents itself in Firefox and Chrome as the links work for me in Internet Explorer.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. The links I referred to aren't links I'm inserting into my post. They are the automatic links Blogger creates so people have a place to click to comment after each post OR at the end of the blog where it says "OLDER POSTS" so people can see older posts. Neither of these work.
posted by grak88 at 1:49 AM on January 20, 2012

For me the whole site is working on an iPhone, and the links are working on all the individual post pages in Safari OSX, but not on the main page.

I am guessing you made some tiny edit to the template HTML that stuffed the javascript. I would just change blog template, and then switch back again.
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