Looking for a "MacGyver" bag
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Can anyone recommend the best bag for a gadget freak?

I am an incurable gadget hound, with delusions of being an amateur MacGyver. I need a bag that not only will handle my Dell Inspiron laptop, but a whole raft of other devices: iPod, handheld GPS, Leatherman, flashlights, lockpick kit, Moleskines, lots of pens, a small pair of binoculars, a slim digital camera, and room to grow. Obviously, durability is a major concern. Any recommendations?
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Check out the bags at Timbuk2. You can even "build your own".
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Have you checked out the 148 answers to "What's the best gadget bag." on engadget.com?
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A couple of years ago CB2 had a bag in their Version line and I'm pretty sure it was called a Man Purse or similar. Looks like they have something very similar still. It was FABULOUS.
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I doubt you could do better than a Tom Bihn or Crumpler. Both lines have a huge number of bags in all sorts of different configurations and are very, very sturdily made.
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booqbags have pretty good stuff - i have a backpack of theirs that is bomber. acmemade are nice too
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They're not bags, but the coats and vests at Scott eVests can hold a ton of stuff (including a laptop) and you can run wires through hidden conduits. They even have one with solar panels for charging your gadgets. I love my eVest.
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I just got the Sports Backpack from RadTech and I like it quite a bit.
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I would second the suggestion about Tom Bihn and also suggest you look at Waterfield Bags and Roadwired.
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I could not tell from your question but if you are looking for a computer bag, I really like my Bucket Boss 06092 EA01 Pro Contractor's Briefcase. There are three compartments. One is under a flap and has pockets for gadgets and glasses, the one in the center is padded for your laptop, and the third one is large with a single, see-through pocket and one of those luggage straps you find in suitcases. The construction has tool bag durability and has stood up well to daily use. It comes in one color.
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