How do I print a Quicktime movie?
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Here's one for the hive mind: I need to print out all of the frames of a Quicktime movie file (on a Mac), each one on a separate piece of paper. I'm not remembering an obvious way to do this, and my Google-fu is coming up empty. Any ideas?
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First, install ffmpeg, then run this command in the folder that contains your video:

ffmpeg -i Pictures%d.jpg

Then make an Automator workflow with the Print Images action and point it to your folder of pictures.
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If you still have the QT7 player installed - standard on 10.5.x and below; optional on 10.6.x and above (if so, it'll be in Applications->Utilities), there should be a "movie to image sequence" under File -> Export.

(That's all from memory and IIRC - for some reason The Powers That Be at my uni have chosen to install only QT X, without QT7 for compatibility, on my laptop.)
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You can do this with graphic converter, under 'Convert and Modify' export the movie to a folder as jpegs.
You can then open all the images at once in Apple Preview, select them all and print.
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And a fourth answer: VLC can do this.
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Pinback - I should have remembered that, perfect, thanks!. ChocoPickle, is there nothing VLC can't do? Thanks to all for the answers.
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Note for future voyagers into the realm of AskMeFi answers: I just realised that the Export option in QT7 is only enabled if you have the Pro version.

If you've only got the standard version, then any of the other answers will work just as well. Personally, I'd go for the combo of exporting using Graphic Converter or VLC and printing from Preview…
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