Lowell to Springfield, MA, traffic?
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Massachusetts Travel and Traffic: From Lowell to Springfield in the afternoon/evening. When and where could I potentially hit traffic?

I'll go down 495, then I-90 most of the way. Will I run into trouble around Worchester? I could leave anywhere between 2:30pm and 6:30pm. Suggestions?
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My experience is that IF you get traffic on the Pike Westbound, starting from 495 it would like be at or around the I-84 split. Worcester shouldn't be a problem.
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And just in case you don't know, WBZ (AM 1030) does traffic every ten minutes "on the threes" -- so you can listen that day to hear if there are any problems that might require you to leave earlier.
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I wouldn't expect it to be too bad. Traffic is sometimes a little slow around Worcester (I'm usually going to opposite direction in the evening/afternoon, so I'm not all that well attuned to this) but it's usually not super backed up. Unless you're talking about a Sunday afternoon/evening in summer, in which case it's just brutal until you pass the 84 split.
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Umm....If you're going to be on the Mass Pike (I-90) anytime near rush hour, prepare to sit in bumper to bumper traffic until about an exit or two before Worcester. I would leave Lowell as close to 2:30PM as I could and skip all the rush hour drama.

95 South to 90 going West gets bad in the evenings.
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Google Maps gives you trends on traffic data based on time/day input. Very helpful.
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eatcake, OP's only getting on the Mass Pike two-ish exits before Worcester at *495* not at *95*.

OP, Google Maps always wants me to take 290 through Worcester, which could be an option if you hear there's a lot of traffic around the I-495/Mass Pike junction. Do not take 128/I-95, whatever you do; it's always terrible in the afternoon.
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At that hour, I would suggest taking 290 (it's usually shorter for me on any occasion)... workers leaving the city could clog the Pike, so spend as little time on it as possible.
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The worst spot you may encounter is the 84 interchange at Sturbridge. It's usually not bad during the week, but it is unpredictable.
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