An "American" Doctor in London?
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Looking for an American-style (doesn't have to be actually American!) private family doctor in London. Any suggestions for where/how to look?

My husband, our newborn, and I have supplemented our local NHS GP with a private GP in the past when needed (for extra vaccines, blood tests, faster checks when we were worried, etc.)

We are moving and, of course, registering with a local NHS GP, but the part of West London we are moving to seems to have a _much_ less responsive local GP service than our old neighborhood. We are worried about using 10-minute very-hard-to-get GP appointments to care for both of us (we both have low-key but chronic conditions that need monitoring) and (more importantly) for an infant.

We've therefore decided to look for a private family doctor or a private clinic in London, ideally in West London. We are looking for something like the ones I remember from living in the US: where you pay privately for longer appointments, there's a standing medical record for patients at the practice, and doctors are qualified to care for both adults and children. A specialised 'family practice' would be ideal, but a general clinic or even a US-style GP/paediatrician would also work.

We are having trouble finding a place to go - some private GPs seem set up to deal with travel emergencies or one-offs, and others seem very tied in with alternative health, homeopathy, etc., which makes us nervous.

Does the MeFi uber-brain have any suggestions, either for specific doctors or for places (like lists of services for expats in London) where we could look for suggestions and reviews of "American-style" (not necessarily American) private doctors in Central/West London?

(We'll follow up on the specific details on price, insurance, etc...really just need to be pointed in the right direction!)
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The US embassy keeps a list of doctors endorsed to give medical exams for US immigrant visas. You could try calling them.
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I haven't used them myself, but my aunt uses Bupa as she didn't feel that she got enough time with her NHS doctor.
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The Harley Street General Practice seems to be offering what you are looking for. At £300 an hour, their rates are about the same as an excellent firm of Mayfair solicitors which is probably about right.

If it were me though, I'd shop around for a GP practice which you think is set up to give you the service that you need. I recently moved and registered with a new GP and I have been surprised and delighted by the service (Putneymead Medical Centre in Putney, in case you're in may part of the world). GP practices vary wildly in their standards - sounds like you're with a lemon but there are lots of good ones out there.
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nthing using Bupa, that seems to be the best bet.
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