Can you translate this Chinese character?
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Can someone please translate this character (or characters?) for me? It was written by a Chinese man; unfortunately that is all I know. Thank you!
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AONeal79, your photo isn't showing up -- try posting it again?
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Response by poster: Sorry about that - here is a link:
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Here it is as a link.
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My fiancee's guess is 黄, which is the family name Huang (and also "sulfur; yellow" according to the dictionary)
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Er - it's kind of messy handwriting, so I have no idea, really.

Could be the character for wong/huang, as in yellow (the first character), or the character for kong - the last character. It looks like it's been cut off a little bit, though. Were there any other characters next to/below that?
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Yeah, I couldn't really make out what the character was, but my sense was it was someone's name.
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Response by poster: I feel like a dork now - the autograph is by Sammo Hung, so are the characters his name?
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Response by poster: (I'm sorry for being so culturally ignorant!)
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Response by poster: Here is the larger scan - apologies for not including the western characters the first time around; I didn't know they would relate to the Chinese!
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Hung is very similar to wong/huang/kong
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Response by poster: Thanks, KoruRyo - so does that sound plausible? That this is just the Chinese "version" (for lack of a better term) of his surname?
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Best answer: Sammo Hung's name written in Chinese is 洪金宝, so its probably his name, but stylised just as you would with an English signature. I don't think its just the surname "洪", as that looks to just be the topmost portion.

Chinese characters written in particular styles of calligraphy can look very different from the "normal" way of writing it; see Grass Script (Wikipedia mobile link to get around today's SOPA blackout).
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Makes sense - it's probably 洪, only really messy. His full name is 洪金宝, so yeah, it looks like he scribbled his surname as his autograph.

sammo hung! oh, the nostalgia!
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curses. destrius has it.
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And the building in the background is the Los Angeles City Hall. For what it's worth.
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If you do a google image search for "sammo hung autograph" you get a few similar pictures with signatures, some of which are clearer or don't quite trail off after the first character the way yours does.

Here's two examples.
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Was wondering where the water radical ( 氵) for 洪 was and realised it's the dot and long vertical line at the left running the full length of the signature - thought the 共 part was the grass radical (艹) at first. I'm rubbish with handwriting at the best of times, and in autographs ll bets are off.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much, everyone. I'm giving this as a gift to someone who's a big Sammo fan and I wanted to be able to say what the characters said :)
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