Around the World Musical Odyssey...
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So a year travelling from one music festival to another starting in May,2012. What not to miss? Exotic countries and HUGE festivals a plus. What would be the dream itinerary for 2012?

Modern music, rock, big name talent, esoteric talent, very large festivals, spectacular settings and venues. What 10 concerts and music festivals will draw the largest crowds this year anywhere on the planet? What single festival or concert will draw the argest crowd this year? What else is big?
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Lollapalooza in Santiago, Chile?
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Glastonbury in the UK is fallow. Oxygen in Ireland is fallow, but is sort of paired with T in the Park, which is on. Reading (90K) and Isle of White (87K) are on. WOMAD is always on somewhere.
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Sziget is big, and Budapest is beautiful.
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Spend the 5th of May in Wageningen, The Netherlands. In the afternoon they have a very cool parade and then they set up a dozen (or so) stages throughout the town and have music and stuff all night.
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What single festival or concert will draw the largest crowd this year?

The London 2012 Olympics will be the biggest event in Europe this year, period.

Not artsy enough? Hah! Every Olympics includes the Cultural Olympiad and London 2012 Festival.
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Jazzfest in New Orleans. Since you start in May you'll miss the first weekend. Single-day attendance topped 160K in 2001, it's probably bigger now.

Roskilde in Denmark, 75K, end of June/beginning of July.
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Sonar 2012 electronic music and multimedia festival: the offshoot in Sao Paulo (11-12 May) or the main one in Barcelona (14-16 June).
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Its not that big, but Sasquatch in Washington is an AMAZING venue. Granted, the view is only from the main stage, but its still awesome. Also, its got a high altitude so unlike a lot of other music venues, the place isn't hellishly hot. In fact, its hovers around 45ish at night so tent sleeping can get pretty cold. But awesome festival, people are not douches there, mostly young hippie kids, but saw young kids and older peeps too. The view. There are other pictures which do it justice, but this is just a personal one. Also, after experiencing a giant festival and this smaller one, its kinda nice that its smaller. Have fun, this sounds amazing!
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Fuji Rock Festival is the largest outdoor music event in Japan. Usually a lot of really good bands play, it's definitely worth to go. Wikipedia says more than 100k attended in 2005.
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Coachella and Earth Dance are both pretty good ones in Cali.
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Festival au Desert in Mali intrigues me. Haven't been. (January)

Primavera Sound in Barcelona and also Porto is a great city festival. (May/June).

My favourite festival is a lot smaller and probably doesn't fit your criteria.
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Snowbombing in Austria and Sonar in Barcelona have got rave reviews from my friends.
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Exotic? G! festival on the Faroe Islands. Compared to other european festivals it's small, but the line-up is always good, the scenery no less than amazing. Bring a raincoat.

Very large? The biggest festival in the Netherlands is de Vierdaagsefeesten in Nijmegen. It lasts for a week and every year about 1.5 million(!) people go there. It's based around this walking event, and every year the city centre basically transforms into one giant club. Musicwise it's not spectacular, although the bit called valkhof affaire has some good indy stuff.
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Big is not necessarily best!

But missing out on Glasto is a huge shame. In Europe (I guess your itinerary requires Northern Hemisphere festivals) you should look at Exit, Boom, Sziget, Fusion and the new S.U.N. festival promises to be fantastic. Other than that, definitely consider Fuji, Sonar, Notting Hill and Jazzfest.
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Supersonic in Birmingham is absolutely my favourite music festival. It's more on the esoteric side, but I guarantee you that you will see at least one band you'll really, really like there.

Late summer/early autumn seems to be a good time for festivals in the west of England - there's the chilled-out End of the Road, the bonkers Bestival, and Bristol's resurrected Ashton Court Festival.
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From their website, "The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world and takes place every August for three weeks in Scotland’s capital city." Looks to include hundreds of music performances.
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Seconding - or thirding or whatever - both Sonar (which is a combination of interesting "advanced music" suavity and mindless allnight bosh) and T in the Park (which is the human equivalent of what would happen if a zoo suffered an animal containment failure and an engulfing drugs-slick on the same day).
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All Tomorrow's Parties
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Virgin Festival
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You could start and finish with Jazzfest. Do the second weekend this year, and the first weekend in 2013.
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Edinburgh Military Tattoo
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It's definitely not the biggest, but the setting was very cool. Check out The Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, AL. Festival on the beach. It was awesome.
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