[android app filter] Can you recommend an app that will let me bookmark places to visit later?
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Is there an app that will tag bars and restaurants that haven't yet visited, but intent to?

I'm looking for an android app that will let me search and tag places. I work in South Seattle and live in Tacoma and love to find new places to eat/drink. I usually get recommendations from blogs or coworkers and I would like a central place to have a place to keep them. I have a note app that I'll jot them down in, but I forget to check it and I don't have much more info beyond a name and general area.

I like the ability to star (bookmark) establishments in Google Places, but there isn't a way for me to sort these from my general bookmarked places (I use for navigation).

I can find all sorts of apps for rating places I've been, as well as finding new places nearby. But I have yet to find an app that will allow me to save recommendations for later.

**bonus points awarded if you can recommend something with geofencing that will alert me if I'm nearby a place I've bookmarked**
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Urbanspoon has a Wish List function. I use that to keep track of places I want to go.
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Foursquare lets you make "to-do" lists for places you want to visit.
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Yelp lets you bookmark establishments, which is how I mark things that I want to try. You can then see your bookmarked places on a map, which I have found extremely helpful. I do this on the iPhone but I assume the functionality is the same on an Android.
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I started to save places in New York City that I want to try in "my maps" in google maps. This is easy at a desktop but I haven't figured out how to add places using the Android operating system without saving coordinates in my tracks
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I use Yelp bookmarking for this.
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You could do that with place-marks in Google Earth. Keep them in a folder labeled "To be visited".
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The Chowhound web site has this functionality. Not sure if they have an app of any kind.
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I just started using an app called Matchbook. So far it's only for iPhone but their website says Android is coming soon so it might be worth checking out.

It lets you bookmark places you want to go to at a later time. You can add a place you already know about or add it on the fly as you're walking past.

It's basically for restaurants, bars etc, but you can bookmark any kind of place and add tags and even notes.
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