A kindle/instapaper/readability/calibre question for you, gentle (electronic) reader
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I'm having no luck transferring the *complete* web page of 197 responses to this question posed by edge.org (previously on the blue, I think) to my little friend, a Kindle Keyboard (aka Kindle 3). I've tried using both Instapaper and Readability, but I think there's code in the webpage to disable a complete scraping. I'm also attempting to use calibre, and if anybody has a recipe that downloads a plain web page (probably using something called "web2disk") in calibre, I'm all ears.
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Try saving the html page, renaming .txt and putting the txt file on the kindle.
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Response by poster: Interesting, I saved the page as html, imported into calibre via the "Add books" command and then attempted to mail to my free.kindle.com account. What arrived at Kindle causes the Kindle to freeze when I attempt to read. Very strange.
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Best answer: Perhaps Send To Reader could help with this - I've used it many times to send web pages to my Kindle 4 for later viewing.
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Best answer: See this post on the blue about dotEPUB. I have used the bookmarklet several times with great success.

I just followed your link, clicked the dotEPUB bookmarklet in my browser (Chrome, in case you were wondering) and then opened the resulting .epub in calibre no problem. From there it's a simple conversion to .mobi and you're on your way. And yes, it appeared to have taken the entire page - or at least the first and last articles matched up.
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Best answer: Send to Kindle worked for me, and will let you preview the whole thing before you send it.
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Response by poster: Great answers, everyone! I'm still hoping a calibre recipe chef will offer insight into using that software.
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