peter & wolf recording with the line "lope ... waddle ... waddle ... lope"
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Looking for an audio version of Rimsky-Korsakov's "Peter and the Wolf" that I heard in the 1980s where the narrator describing the wolf pursuing the duck says, breathlessly, "Lope ... waddle ... waddle ... lope ..." (describing their movements, with violins screeching in the background). I am looking for the particular recording that said it this way. It is particularly humorous and has great narration by a male voice in English. I thought it was the Peter Ustinov, but apparently not, as I bought it and it doesn't have this line (unless there is an alternative version floating around).
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Might you be thinking of Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev? That might help to narrow your search. I found this narration by David Bowie but it doesn't have the specific lope/waddle line you are looking for either.
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I'm unfamiliar with the recording you mention, but it couldn't hurt to correct the composer's name in your searches; it's Prokofiev rather than Rimsky-Korsakov. Sorry I can't be of more help beyond that.
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This is a wild guess, but could it be Weird Al's version?
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This might be too obvoius, but was it the one narrated by Leonard Bernstein?
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Sorry about the mix-up with Prokofiev--somehow my mind burped. At any rate, it is not Bowie, not Weird Al, and certainly not Bernstein. Please refrain from answering unless you know it is the version with the specific line referred to. Thanks!
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just to rule out some other temptations: it is not bowie, not president clinton, not boris karloff, not sean connery, not sting
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further update: it is NOT the karajan recording with gielgud reading
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Nothing like answering your own question! Drumroll please: the version with the line " lope ... waddle ... waddle ... lope" is that narrated by Dudley Moore (The Boston Pops w/ John Williams conducting). Philips CD 412 556-2 for those who might want to track down a copy. Well worth a listen.
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