Can I turn my red hair up to 11?
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Can I dye my hair with Garnier Nutrisse Light Intense Auburn after henna?

Just this past weekend I hennaed my hair with Lush Caca Rouge. It was my first time, and it did nothing... literally nothing to my hair. I know that henna builds up with repeated use, but for the cost of Lush, I would prefer immediate results. I was hoping for the "burning fire at sunset" described on the package, but alas, that was not the case. How long do I have to wait after hennaing to chemically dye? I'd do a strand test, but I have a short pixie cut so I don't have hair long enough to get an accurate test on. Who out there in MeFi-land has chemically dyed after henna? How long did you wait?

Note: I have used Garnier several times leading up to henna so I know exactly what I'm going to get with Garnier; I'm just not thrilled with the results of henna given the cost of Lush.
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My college roommate did just this many years ago and her results were disastrous. I strongly suggest you test it out an a small section of hair that you wouldn't mind losing.

I don't know how gentle LUSH henna is but my friend (who had dark brown hair and was attempting a burgundy red) used a powdered green henna from the health food store on and off for months. It colored her ends but her roots were still dark. She then tried a drugstore kit (Natural Essencel or something similar) and her ends broke off completely.
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Everyone's hair is different, of course. If Lush henna is 100% Body Art Quality or the like then you should be fine - the problem comes when the bleaches/lightening agents in hair dye come in contact with metals or salts in the henna. Body Art quality henna should only have trace amounts of impurities so it's less dangerous.

However, from what I've read about henna I think the results with overdying will be subtler than if you dye over fresh or chemically dyed hair.
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There is a type of dye you can use over henna, but I am not recalling the name/type. You do NOT want to use a chemical dye with metallic salts over henna; it will destroy your hair. Is there a reputable stylist you can call and ask? I think it's best to get professional advice on this one.
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Use Clairol Metalex to remove henna. It is basically sulfonated castor oil, but it's hard to find in the drugstore, etc. (You can just buy plain old castor oil, too.)
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Yeah, treat your hair first. When I did this many many moons ago, the auburn came out with decidedly forest green undertones!
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A couple years ago I did exactly what you are asking about - I LUSH'd my hair (marroon) and after about a year of doing caca regularly I decided to use Garnier Nutrisse. Turned out great, no problems at all. I DID do a strand test and I'm glad I did - 25 minutes is a long time to wonder if your hair is going to catch fire or turn green.
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Just an update, I called the Lush store and they assured me that everything should be fine. I used the dye and my hair has officially not fallen out.

Thanks for the help MeFites!
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