Bay area Starting Strength compatible gyms?
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Bay area lifters, please recommend a gym in Mountain View or Sunnyvale with bumper weights, chalk, quality bars, proper squat racks (power rack with safety pins) and benchpress (with spotter pins).

Our gym closed about 6 months ago and after 6 months of turmoil and travel we are looking to get back to lifting. We do a starting strength style workout with a few additions (asym farmers walk, etc.). Concept2 rowing machines, foam rollers, pullup and dips areas, etc. would be a plus. We work out together so two squat/press/bench areas near one another would be vastly preferred.

Nearby to us is 94089, 94040, ... but I'm willing to go 5-10 minutes so a few miles in any direction is fine.

Crossfit-style gyms, unless assembled incredibly cheaply (cheaping out on the squat racks being the most common issue) generally have the right equipment. The problem is we are not interested in Crossfit (at all -- been there, done that).

Recommendations would be very much appreciated.
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If you don't have any luck here, looking through the list on Powerlifting Watch or posting something in the GoHeavy Olympic lifting forums might be a good place to start. Any place catering to powerlifters or Olympic lifters will have what you need.
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I don't know anything about their lifting equipment, but Planet Granite , which is primarily a rock climbing gym, also has crossfit classes, yoga classes, and a 'normal' gym in addition to the climbing areas. Initiation fees are waived until the end of the January.
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Jim Schmitz used to coach the US Olympic Weightlifting team. I think you'll find his gym amenable. I know the price for Olympic lifting instruction and membership was 50 a month, so presumably if you don't want instruction it should be cheaper.

If you want something more strongman/powerlifting there is

Note I'm not super familiar with the Bay area, so if these aren't close enough I apologize.
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