Can I get Google Currents on iPad 2 to update automatically when asleep?
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My iPad 2 usually is usually asleep with its Smart Cover closed. Recently, after leaving it asleep for several days, I took it somewhere without network access and used Google Currents, but found all the articles were several days old. I have Settings > Sync > Update set to Automatic, but apparently that doesn't help if I don't have the device on (or maybe if I don't run Currents). Is there a way to get it to wake up every day and update Google Currents without me having to do it manually?
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No, not unless Google Currents makes use of Apple's Newsstand API, in which case it would appear in the Newsstand folder. The only way for non-Newsstand apps on iOS to update their content is for you to manually launch them from time to time.
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Boo. I admit I thought it might be possible because the Newsstand apps update themselves on their own. Is there a way for me to open multiple apps at once so they can all do their sync thing? This is a Wi-Fi iPad, and I want several apps synced before I go elsewhere where there is no Wi-Fi. Opening them all up individually is a drag.
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It is a drag and no there is no alternative.
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