Who DOES he look like?
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My wife and I are enjoying the show "Downton Abbey" quite a lot, but she is bothered by the fact that the actor Brendan Coyle (who portrays Mr Bates) reminds her of a Hollywood actor of a bygone era, perhaps someone from the days of black and white films.

I don't really know who she might be thinking of, so I figured that I would post a query here, because you guys and gals know so much!
So, to reiterate, which Hollywood actor, perhaps from the golden age of Hollywood, does this man, resemble?
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Not golden age, but there's Liev Schreiber.
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Not an actor, but from some angles he remind me a lot of Richard Nixon.
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He sure does resemble Liev Schreiber to me, but my wife insists that's not who she's thinking of...and at his jowl-iest, he does resemble Nixon a little, also!
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At some angles, he kind of reminds me of a more jowly Humphrey Bogart.
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A bit of a long shot, but could she be thinking of Bela Lugosi?
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Let's try these:

Thomas Mitchell

Jackie Cooper

And someone more contemporary:

Tom Wilkinson

If you'd like to play along at home, I'd suggest googling "character actors" with terms like "british," "golden age," or "hitchcock" thrown in as her memory directs.
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Looks a bit like Carl Malden with a fixed nose.
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From certain angles, maybe Lou Costello?
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Beats me. You should check out the "That Guy! page of character actors.

I've been waiting for years to reference that page!
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He reminds me of Orson Welles.
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My theory: He just looks Irish. I am relatively Irish myself, Irish enough to say that we all look alike. He looks like a cross between Pierce Brosnan and Mad-Eye Moody. And probably many other Irish people as well.
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I totally see the Tom Wilkinson, in his younger days.

And I have to agree with the most recent comment from that post: "Brendan Coyle just magnifies me..."
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I totally agree with your wife. Every time I look at him I see that actor, but, like your wife, I have no idea what his name is or what movies he was in. I am going to continue to obsess about it, though, and maybe will come up with something.
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Robert Ryan?

John Raitt?

Pat O'Brien?
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John Hillerman?

Not exactly Golden Age but was the first actor that came to mind.
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