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I have chocolate bitters! How should I drink them?

(Fee Bros. Aztec Chocolate, to be precise.) What cocktail should I make in their honor? Assume I have access to any standard ingredients & mixers, etc, but no special tinctures, flavored syrups, etc. I'd prefer something not too sweet (i.e., not a 'chocolate cocktail', probably), and coincidentally the only other mention of chocolate bitters on AskMe seems to have been written by someone with very similar drink tastes...
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Pretty much any brown liquor drink, I'd assume. E.g. instead of Angostura in a Manhattan, or Peychaud in a Sazerac, try 'em with chocolate bitters instead. The chocolate is going to go best (in my humble) with spicier ryes and bourbons, at least for your needs (it'd work well with brandy or dark rum too).

I mean, think about how you use bitter chocolate in cooking — mostly Mexican (moles, etc.) and earthier foods, sparingly. Use it like that with drinks.
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Try a tequila Old Fashioned -- use a nice anejo in place of whiskey, your chocolate bitters for the angostura, and, if you want to go whole hog, agave nectar for the sugar. It's a good one.
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Someone at my favorite bar made me a delicious drink using chocolate bitters, mezcal, and some other ingredients. Not sure what, but it was amazing!
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Agreed on the substitutions for Angostura or other bitters in classic drinks, but also try adding them to other drinks for a little depth. For example, I make a tequila cocktail with triple sec and bitters and it's quite lovely; try a 2:1 ratio of tequila and triple sec, with a few dashes of bitters to add a nice chocolate undertone to the orange of the triple sec.

You can also try any of the recipes here that call for Xocolatl Mole bitters; I'm partial to the Hotel Room Temperature myself.
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I love chocolate bitters mixed with a fruit liqueur like creme de mure. I usually have it over ice, sometimes with a bit of soda and sometimes without.
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It should be great dashed in a Manhattan (start at 3 parts rye whiskey to 2 parts sweet vermouth [say 1/5oz and 1.0oz], adjust until you find a favorite ratio). Then try substituting anejo tequila or aged rum for the rye whiskey.

It should play nicely off of Benedictine and Chartreuse, also Kahlua or Cherry Heering. So if you want to start with the Martinez (equal parts gin and sweet vermouth [say 1.5oz each], teaspoon liqueur [originally Maraschino] and dashes bitters [originally orange bitters], trying those liqueurs in turn, you might discover something grand.

You might, if you can lay hands on the ingredients, try a Twentieth Century. Start with the suggestion of a 1/2oz creme de cacao, but add good dash of the bitters. I like Aviation Gin in that drink for the nutty flavors it contributes.
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This is kind of specialized, but my Patent Pending has gotten rave reviews:

2 oz rye
1/2 oz Carpano Antica
1/2 oz Amaro Meletti
dash Bittermens Xocolatl Mole Bitters (I'm sure Fee's would be good too)
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Also fantastic in coffee...
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Oooh. Make anything you'd put Creme de Cacao in without the gross sweetness. I bet it'd be really nice in a warm buttery bourbon, too.
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