If I could give her Scissorhands, I would
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One of my best and oldest friends had a rough few years, went to rehab, made a fresh start, and is about to graduate beauty school with flying colors. I'd love gift suggestions for a very hip hairstylist just starting out that tells her how insanely proud I am that she bravely learned something new, busted ass to become good at it and has created new self-confidence in a sober future. Any suggestions?

I'm assuming she has the hair tools she needs or knows best about what works for her. Are there memberships or subscriptions that would be good for a stylist to have? What is new in the world of smocks, work aprons and high-end scissor holsters? What else? Is there anything I can get engraved? Her style is pretty edgy - if she could style Rihanna, that would be right up her alley.

I plan on taking her to dinner when I next go home to California and being a model for her portfolio, but until then am seeking something I can wrap and send with a heartfelt letter about how I'm so happy for her and support her no matter what. I can spend up to $150. Thank you!
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My stylist started her own salon a couple years ago and we talked about some of the things she was "upgrading" from her beauty school days. It shocked me how much good shears and other supplies were. So, she might actually really appreciate a big gift card to the local beauty supply place -- maybe search yelp to find the best one in her area.
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Yeah, a gift card and then maybe a nice plant or something for her booth? Or a picture frame to use at her booth for that certificate thing?
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What about a really nice set of business cards and a neat custom album to showcase her portfolio?
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Ooh, the portfolio is a good idea. I recently came across these! Super modern fantastic. Maybe with just her initials? 8x10 would probably work.
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An enamel pin with a phoenix. They are a very traditional symbol of rebirth and renewal.
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