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What are the best interactive marketing resources available to learn from in a hurry?

Just started a new gig in an interactive marketing department. While I feel pretty knowledgeable about the basics of marketing from my classes in college, interactive marketing best practices (from search to email to web to social and mobile, etc.) seem to escape me. What are the best blogs, books, tutorials, websites, Twitter users - whatever - to learn more about the industry?
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I kind of hate Mashable (it's a lot of filler) but it's a good resource for up-to-the-minute developments in social and web 2.0 and brainstorming new approaches and ideas.

SEOmoz's blog is the definitive resource for any all SEM/SEO news and resources.

Campaign Monitor is not only a great product but they have a highly useful blog on ethical and good direct email marketing design, techniques, and strategy.

Also Google some of your competitors or other brands and campaigns that you admire, take a look at what they're doing with their marketing.

Congrats and good luck!
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If you're interested in paying, you could subscribe to and takes some of their tutorials. I think it's just $28 for a month of unlimited tutorials. Type "marketing" into their search engine and it has tutorials on Google website optimizer, effective email campaign strategies, social marketing with facebook and twitter, online marketing fundamentals, etc. I haven't taken those specifically but all of the tutorials I've done on lynda have been great.
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