Giants for the win
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Giants vs. Green Bay? Is there any way to stream online?

Sitting in a hotel in Manhattan and its time warner cable that keeps cutting out every 5 seconds due to demand. Have a 6MB internet connection and HDMI cable?

Anyone have ideas? Google-fu reveals lots of spammy pay sites.
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You can try unplugging the cable from the wall, keep it on the tv as an antenna and trying to tune into the air broadcast.
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Response by poster: will try but its cabe card
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Best answer:

Know it. Love it. May be of questionable legality.
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Response by poster: dixiecupdrinking --- thank you! The quality is better than regular cable :)

For those that want to know - using a 4G phone, untethered to wifi connect on laptop with HDMI out on 37" flatscreen. Absolutely perfect.

Also love the commercials are included.
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holy cow, firstrow is actually 2 - 3 seconds ahead of my cable feed.

Time to make some $$$ on prop bets.
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