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I'm shopping for shoes and have a wide foot. Last I looked, Zappos had the best search option for filtering out shoes that would not fit me. Alas, I live in Canada and apparently Zappos Canada recently stopped business. What are my options in Canada for a good online store that has advanced search options like Zappos? Perhaps my only route is going onto company websites - but the only companies that I know for sure have some sort of width measurement system are: Rockport, Sketchers, New Balance....
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FWIW, my toe bed it pretty wide and I've consistently blown out hiking boots after a year of wearing. Last pair I bough Keens which seem to have a wider toe bed... While the general quality is on par with the other brands seems about the same, just that little difference has more than doubled the life of the boot. I have not tried on, or worn Keen shoes, but if they are in-line with the hiking boots they might be at least worth checking out.
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I don't know if there's anything to search for shoes by width and size, but I do know that if you're looking for a pair of athletic/running shoes, Altra Zero Drops will probably fit you really well. They have extremely wide foot/toe beds!!
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eBay is actually great for larger/wider shoes, assuming you're comfortable buying shoes online in the first place. You can filter by wideness.
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I bought a pair of Sauconys (the jazz low-pros) after reading reviews (on, um, Zappos) from other users with wide feet who said they loved them. They don't have wide sizes, but I highly recommend them. I have wide feet and they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned.
posted by Weeping_angel at 1:34 PM on January 15, 2012 is my favorite place to buy shoes online. You can filter by width, and they ship to Canada.
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Seconding - they even ship to Australia! I bought two pairs and I think I got my shipping free. I was very happy with everything, I liked that they feature reviews of the sizes (if they ran true to size etc). Good stuff.
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Does the US Zappos site still provide the same search options you liked on the Canadian site? You could use it to search for shoes that will work for your foot, but then buy them from sites that will ship to you.
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I've had reasonable luck with, which claims to ship to Canada. Their search interface isn't quite as nice, but it's adequate and includes wide and a few extra wide width distinctions. (The labeling of different wide widths can be hit and miss, as they adopt each manufacturer's labeling. But, that's hard to avoid online.)
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Do you know your width? I was wearing Keens for the last few years and I noticed with the last pair that my foot felt like it was falling off the shoe bed. I tried a pair of Propéts (from Zappos). I went from Keen 11.5 went to Propét 11 5E. So Keens are pretty wide but they may not be wide enough. The Propéts are reasonably nice shoes, cheaper than the Keens, and the fact that they fit correctly makes them much more comfortable. carries them and will let search by width across all their shoes (I've never shopped there so caveat emptor, etc).
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