Looking for taxi services in the Upper Valley, New Hampshire (or Vermont)?
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I'm looking for the numbers for any taxi services there may be in the Lebanon, New Hampshire, Dartmouth/Hanover, NH or even Norwich, VT area of the Upper Valley. We know about and have used Big Yellow Taxi, but just wondered if there are any other options people might know about.

Back story is that my husband's mother lives in Lebanon, NH, and he has flown in to be with her as she is dying, but he does not drive so a car rental is not an option. He is wondering if there are any other options to get around besides Big Yellow Taxi, car services, or the kindness of friends and acquaintances (one of whom is picking him up from the airport now.)

I realize this is very much a longshot, and the area is not likely to have much along these lines besides Big Yellow Taxi or car services, but just wanted to cover all possibilities.

Google searches have turned up only car services and some place acting like they are a taxi, but the kind of taxi service they are would be more along the lines of an escort service (!). We are both stressed and tired right now and I just want to make sure we are not missing something.
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There should be plenty of cab services around Lebanon. Here's a list with phone numbers; I hope none of these are the one you mentioned in your last para (NB: I have no personal experience with these companies. Most of these listing were taken from Dartmouth University listings, so hopefully good.):

Apex Cab & Courier Service: 603-252-8294
Atwood's Transportation: 603-469-3523
North Country Shuttle Services: 603-448-0538
Twin State Taxi: 603-252-78786
Plymouth Taxi Service 603-726-6536
Campus Taxi 800-371-2128
P & P's Twin State Taxi 802-295-7878

Wishing your family all the best.
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Where does he need to get to/from? I live about 30 minutes from there and have made extensive use of the public transportation there to/from Logan and where I live in Vermont. Basically there is Dartmouth Coach that goes between Logan and Hanover but also stops in Etna and West Lebanon, so you can actually use it to get from West Leb to Hanover, for example. They've been helpful with me in the past getting cab information so you might want to call them for local suggestions. There's a not very robust bus system out that way, Advanced Transit, that goes a few places including by the Lebanon Library, as well as Stagecoach Transportation, the little bus that goes from Hanover to the VA hospital to the Upper Valley including Randolph (where I live) and Bethel. If your mother in law is still mobile, the Stagecoach does do some rides by arrangement for seniors but I presume you're mostly talking about your husband. I haven't had any experience with North Country Shuttle, but they're also local to Lebanon.

There is also a lot of rideshare stuff going on out that way and if he needs stuff like a ride to the store for groceries he could also look at the local craigslist or the Upper Valley Rideshare folks. Dartmouth has a private rideshare, so I assume he has no affiliation there but if he did that is an option.

I am sorry you are going through this, feel free to MeMail me if I can help you with any other local information.
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Thanks for the info. and kind thoughts, vers and Jessamyn. Twin State Taxi might work as an alternate to Big Yellow, and also maybe North Country Shuttle. Rideshare is something we had not thought of (though we have no affiliation to Dartmouth). For anyone else checking this in the future, Campus Taxi number is the one that was not providing the kind of transportation we were looking for!

To clarify a bit, the transportation is for my husband to get to/from the Lebanon airport, and then also back and forth from a hotel in the area either in Hanover or Lebanon, and MIL's retirement place, which is called Harvest Hill and is in Lebanon. (Sadly I'm expecting this to be the last trip, other than one more for the memorial service and clearing out of belongings later.)

We know and have used Dartmouth Coach to get from Logan to Hanover and Lebanon. MIL's retirement place is a bit off the beaten path for Dartmouth Coach and Advanced Transit (which is not a good option on the weekend.) Husband is not averse to walking a bit (though it is darn cold there at the moment for him coming up from the south.)

Off to make some phone calls.
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Addendum FWIW and for anyone else who may read this, with a little investigation, the 800 number for Campus Taxi may have lapsed and been subsequently compromised. Any 800 number that has a message to dial a 900 number is extremely suspect. This has nothing to do with the business that may have held the 800 number previously.
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I can vouch for Twin State Taxi, I've used them.

Like Jessamyn, feel free to MeMail me if you end up in jam. Harvest Hill is ~10 minutes drive from my office
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Thanks a lot kaszeta and Jessamyn for the offers of help online and offline, and the info. on Twin State Taxi being reliable, as it is good having an alternate to Big Yellow (which is fine, but can be super slow sometimes if you are unable to book ahead, as it is a small outfit).

She died fairly late last night so they are working on wrapping things up (we are all sad, but she was ready to go and died as much on her terms as was possible; hospice was great, by the way). When we all go up to clean out the apartment and have the memorial service, fingers crossed there will be more drivers about to help with transport, and we should have more of a set schedule, so Twin State and Big Yellow will work better.

The continuing kindness of Mefites is a balm in times like this.
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Sincere condolences to you and your family, gudrun.
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