The contemporary short story
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Is a modern short story that isn't sci-fi or fantasy called contemporary fiction? What's the genre?

If you write fiction, whether it's short stories or novels, but you don't write sci-fi and you don't write fantasy, what do you call your genre? What do academics call your genre? Is it contemporary fiction? Like Raymond Carver, for instance.
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Best answer: Lots of people find this designation annoying, but it is most commonly called "literary fiction."
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The genre that is not genre might also be acceptable, but what escabeche said.
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Literary fiction, or mainstream fiction (if you're in a community of genre writers).
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Lot of writers out there making a good living writing "mysteries" AKA "detective fiction". (Agatha Christie is no more, but she was.)
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There's also the "romance" genre.
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There are lots of genres besides sci-fi and fantasy -- Mystery, horror, historical, military, romance, young adult, thriller, etc...

Non genre stuff is just 'fiction', but almost everything can be put in a genre, even if the bookstore doesn't have a shelf for it.
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