+5 to saving throws against hunger.
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Help me come up with D&D-themed food ideas that I can make/bake/buy for our marathon gaming session tomorrow!

My boyfriend and I are hosting an all-day Dungeons and Dragons session tomorrow, and I have all of tonight free to bake or make interesting D&D-themed snacks to get us through the dungeon crawl. Lunch and dinner are basically sorted. I'm looking for all kinds of ideas and recipes, both sweet and savoury. Current front-runners are cupcakes (ideas of stuff to pipe on top would be welcome!), some sort of gelatinous cube for dessert (jelly set into a cube mould, maybe with stuff suspended in it), and... uh... help? Ideas for stuff that I can buy from the supermarket that will work into the theme somehow are also good!
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Well, you could turn this recipe into a beholder, with a little work. Also, purple (gummy) worms? Prehaps put little lego figures in the clear jell-o. Don't use actual D&D minis, because they would be too heavy and are not good around food. You could make some sort of red drink and call it a health potion. For the cupcakes, you could put green food coloring in and call them goblin cakes. Maybe even frost little goblin faces on there.
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How about Unicorn Poop cookies?

Or, if you have geometric cookie cutters you could decorate them to look like dies.
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You have to make these chocolate D20s.
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Rations? Some nuts, cheese, crackers, hard salami, and dried fruit.
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Response by poster: I did fall in love with the chocolate D20 mould when it was mentioned on the Blue, lollusc - unfortunately I lack the silicone, wax and clay required to make those by tomorrow!

Great suggestions, guys, keep 'em coming!
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This isn't exactly cooking, but go a little crazy with some unlined index cards and tape and markers and relabel all the beverages as different potions. Obviously all your alcohol can become strength and magic boosting potions, and you could relabel boxes of tea and tins of coffee as healing potions. I could see soda going lots of different ways. Mountain Dew would remain Mountain Dew, though, since it's sufficiently on-theme as it is.

Buy a bunch of Pirouettes or make Pirouline cookies from scratch and declare them staves. If you're making your own, dip in sparkly sprinkles of different colors to imbue them with different properties.
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You have dinner set, but here's my idea anyway.

Make a roast chicken, but call it a "roast cockatrice". Have one person who is in on the joke say "that's no cockatrice, I know cockatrice!" and then assume him it is and that he can taste it first if he is so skeptical. A short while after the first bite, he freezes in place until you say "told you so" and pour some fizzy liquid down his throat. Everyone's meal is served alongside a "potion of stone-to-flesh".

Maybe more of a Nethack gag, but same deal.
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Gelatinous cubes!
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Best answer: Popcorn balls as beholders? Melt caramels together with a little extra butter, pop corn, BUTTER YOUR HANDS (very important to avoid burns) and pour the caramel over the popcorn, then toss and mold into balls. If you can get tiny candy eyeballs or something that COULD be eyeballs to toss with it, so much the better.

And surely, SURELY we can come up with an alcoholic beverage that could plausibly be called a Magic Missile.
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Hearty stew, ale, and coarse brown bread? Or whatever the generic food served in taverns and other narratively-necessary meeting places is in your continuity.
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Best answer: Came in to make a gelatinous cube reference, but OP and interrupt beat me to it. (Bonus points if you can put some kind of adventurer into the cube, though. I do warn you NOT to use anything that uses a non-gelatin thickener in them though. I tried to make jello with Swedish Fish in it once and it was nasty. Gummy bears, fruit, etc are all fine.)

Make dice cookies, only let players with barbarian characters eat the d12s. Swords and knives would also be pretty easy cookie shapes to cut out. (Bonus amusement points if you put their damage/stats on them in icing.) You could also just go for basics with this: regular cookies with "Cookie of Eating", etc written in icing. Or just absurd: cookie of holding, +4 against kobolds, etc.

Drink names: Called shot, acid orb

Mead, ale and wine are all classic choices. You could re-label your drinks, if you want to be clever at it, with "Common" "Poor" and "Good" and put those labels on the bottles. (There's a ton of beer label templates available online.) Places/people from your campaign would work well in this too (anyone with a naval rank can get a rum named for them, any city can have its own beer brand, etc.)

Little horns on cookies/cupcakes can make them into horned helmets. (You could make bread in that shape too.)
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Middle Earth Recipes.
Don't forget the lembas.
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Per the Tough Guide to Fantasyland, stew is the official food of the fantasy universe.
So, of course, you must serve stew.

If you google Halloween treat ideas and Harry Potter birthday party ideas you should get lots of suggestions.

Here are some awesome drink ideas -- fizzy potions, color changing potions, etc.
Glogg or mulled wine would be great, too.
And if you have a blacklight you can make glow in the dark cocktails with tonic water.

And look at these winners of a Halloween food contest on Instructables.

Make might also be a good place to look. As well as the Halloween and Birthday roundups at One Pretty Thing.
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This thread would be remiss if someone didn't mention Otik's Spiced Potatoes.
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I have to ask: what version of D&D are you playing? Standard generic Western fantasy, or something else?

My pals and I spent a year playing different versions of D&D, and we tried to make our meals match the setting we played.


1st edition, generic fantasy: Since pizza is the traditional food of RPGers, we made a homemade pizza.

1st edition, Oriental Adventures setting: Asian food (Chinese stir-fry, Korean dim sum).

2nd edition, Greyhawk setting: D&D's first great city setting. And since that would have been the first "You meet in a tavern and..." scenario, we made pub food of lamb stew, venison stew, and crusty bread.

2nd edition, Al Qadim setting: Arabic food! We made beef and chicken kabobs.

3rd edition, Dragonlance setting: Dragons breathe fire, so we used open flame to grill hamburgers and pork chops.

3.5 edition, Ravenloft setting: Because Strahd, the iconic villain of the Ravenloft setting, is so heavily influenced by Dracula and other East European terrors--we decided to feast on Hungarian food that night. We had paprikás csirke and goulash.

I would look at the setting that's being used, and build around that.

Also, check out Recipes of the Forgotten Realms.
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Best answer: I asked a similar question a while ago, don't know if anything in that thread would be helpful:

In the end I made gingerbread biscuits in the shapes of all our characters and iced them appropriately. I had to cut them out by hand with a knife using paper templates and it was a time consuming labour of love, but it automatically made me the coolest person there for a long time.
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Back when D&D was the way all us cousins survived Christmas week cooped up indoors at my grandmother's house, my annual gift to one cousin was a gingerbread house. When I was 12 they were simple, but my the time I was finishing high school, he was getting gingerbread castles decorated with Lego-men of our characters.
To do a simple gingerbread castle wouldn't be that difficult - just 2 copies of the sort of C shape of (tower-gate-tower), 4 rectangles the height of the tower to box in the end parts, then two squares for the tower roof, one rectangle for the gate roof. One batch of royal icing to hold it all together, and assorted candies. especially recommend chocolate coins (or ingots = mini-bars) filling one tower for the hidden treasury, maybe pretzel sticks in the other and call it the armory.
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You may need to go to http://www.afktavern.com/ and check their menu. It's a gamer-themed restaurant/bar in Washington state (relatively near me) and they have a lot of gamer-themed food and booze.
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(I mean, a drink called the 'Naughty Wood Elf' made of Kapali, Irish Cream, Creme de Menthe, and Rumplemint? That's special.)
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions, guys! The idea of making appropriate tavern-style food was a great one but, as I mentioned, I was just in charge of snacks this time - and it's the middle of the Australian summer so hearty stew and bread probably wouldn't have gone down so well! I ended up going with:

- Gelatinous cubes with jelly baby 'adventurers' suspended inside
- Cupcakes with various properties piped on top (+5 to acrobatics, cake of eating etc - thanks NoraReed!)
- Chocolate spiders
- Caramel popcorn ball beholders (I used Milky Bar white chocolate discs as eyes with dots of black icing for the pupils) - thanks KathrynT!
- Sour gummi worms
- Dragons' eggs (mid-January and our supermarket already has Easter stuff out...)
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