Cubs-ageddon: what short story did I read?
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Forget ancient Mayan calendars...are the Cubs going to bring about the End of Days? It's a story I read me remember it!

So I read part of a short story once where a future manager of the Cubs has had a vision that the unprecedented success of his team is going to lead them to the World Series, but that this will somehow bring about the end of the world. It's a common enough urban legend, but I remember a specific story from an anthology of short baseball fiction or something. Anyone have any idea what it might be or who wrote it?
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"The Last Pennant Before Armageddon," by W.P. Kinsella, who also wrote "Field of Dreams."
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Response by poster: sweet! right in one. thanks Papa Bell, I'm going to get the whole Thrill of the Grass.
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