running [cargo] tights?
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I've got a marathon in March. And really like pockets. Find me running tights/capris with pockets!

I'm a jelly-belly sport bean freak and need to be able to carry them when racing. During training it's not such an issue because I usually carry a camelpack I can sneak them into. But when racing, not so much. Yes, I could carry a race pouch, but would rather not. Yes, all my current running pants have a back pocket, but I need more. Ideally, I'd find these lululemon:run your heart out crops in my size [am ebay hunting for them now AND yes, I know metafilter hates lululemon], but am looking for something similar-front and/or hip pockets that are large and hold whatever's inside tight without jiggling. Ideas?
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I'm not sure if these are quite what you're looking for, but these Brooks cropped tights DO appear to have a zippered back pocket! Which is actually very tempting, zippered pockets are very hard to find.

If you do want a longer, looser fit, these also seem to have "security" pockets.

Depending on when your marathon is and what the weather is supposed to be like, you may also want to consider close-cutting shirts with built in pockets; I have a tight North Face jacket that has great pockets. I've also, in moments of desperation, worn shorts with better pockets OVER my tights. And sometimes those little cell phone pockets are in a fine place to hold race jellybeans; just maybe take them out of the packet ahead of time. Good luck in your race!
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Response by poster: Roomthreeseventeen: does that butt pocket flap? Up and down?or with a tush in it it stays jiggle free?
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Best answer: 2xu are my go to running pants. I'm particularly fond of their 3/4 active tight, with a pocket on the side. I usually carry my iPhone in the pocket without bounce.

Alternatively have you tried a spibelt? Have carried many a gel/shot bloc sans jiggle.
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I'd second a belt. It's by far the best way to both wear your number and also have easy access to things while running at race speed.
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Response by poster: OK, on your suggestions, I've purchased a spibelt to try it out. But, any further running pant suggestions like the one I linked to would still be hugely appreciated!
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I recently got running pants from Zellers with deep zippered front pockets. Unfortunately, they are Canadian and don't have online shopping. I just wanted to say, don't give up hope because maybe Target or Walmart or some other reasonably priced department store will have something suitable.
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