importing a small item from the USA
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I want to buy a $12 item of clothing from the USA and have it delivered to the UK. Can I do this without spending $30+ on shipping? Also, are the Carhartt Leather Fencer Gloves (or something as good) available in the UK?

(Asking for a friend.) I'm looking for a pair of medium Carhartt Leather Fencer Gloves for delivery in the UK.

As far as I can see, no UK retailers stock them. If you can find one, then that would be a great answer! Or if you know of similar work gloves which are as good as the Carhartts and are available in the UK, please answer!

Assuming they (or an equivalent) are not available in the UK, I need to buy them from the USA. The problem is that all the retailers and importers I've looked at have minimum shipping rates which are many times the $12 value of the gloves. (I think some of them are factoring in admin charges for dealing with import duty, which isn't payable on such a cheap item.) Do you know of someone who will send me the gloves for a reasonable price?

Here are a few places I've tried - and failed - to source them - this might save you some time if you're using similar search terms to mine:
  • DungareesOnline - the gloves are out of stock and they aren't planning to reorder them. (I checked)
  • BareBones WorkWear on - shipping to the UK is three times the price of the gloves
  • Nyack General Store - don't have them in medium
  • G&L Clothing - shipping to the UK is four times the price of the gloves
  • Carhartt USA website - ony accepts billing addresses in the USA or Canada
  • Sears - gloves not available for international shipping
  • MyAmericanShopper, NYBox, Borderlink,, USAmail1 - all have fairly expensive minimum shipping charges to the UK - the cheapest so far is Skybox
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If you're in London, there is a Carhartt outlet store in Hackney. They might be able to help.
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Do you have any American friends? They're $10 here and flat rate international shipping (small box) from the US Post office is $13.95.
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Note: I have no idea about customs or any of that.
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Best answer: I have some experience with international shipping on small, lightweight items and you may be able to beat the small box rate using an envelope. Unfortunately my shipping computer is not working at this exact moment, I'll see if I can find you a rate later.

Consider also that buying two pairs cuts your shipping cost per glove down somewhat, especially if you can find someone (like me) to ship for you. If you can't find any reasonable way to get them I wouldn't mind doing it for you.
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Best answer: FYI they can be shipped in a small padded mailer for $6 to the UK. If Fake can't sort you out, drop me a MeMail and I will get my sister to re-ship them for you. She does it for me all the time, it's not a bother.
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Carharrt Europe Find a Retailer.
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Response by poster: Thanks to all who answered.

curious zoe: Not in London, but will check it out next time I am, thanks.
desjardins: Yes, but I don't have any who actually live in the USA!
fake: Thank you so much, I will MeMail you.
DarlingBri: Thank you so much, I will MeMail you.
brookeb: Sadly none of those retailers appear to be in a convenient location and the few that do mail order don't stock the gloves in question.
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