Is there any decent quality anti-SOPA javascript I can add to my sites on the 18th?
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Is there any quick'n'easy anti-SOPA javascript I can add to my site's HTML to protest on 18th Jan? Crucially it must contain a concise description of the dangers of SOPA, and shouldn't assume an American audience (i.e. "contact your representatives"). I'm aware of WordPress plugins but that's NOT what I'm looking for.

All I can find is the following, which is pretty poor quality (and also hard to read thanks to grey text):
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If you plan to make your site unavailable, the simplest thing you could do is probably a JavaScript redirect to whatever site you think explains the issues best:

window.location = ""; // or whatever

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Best answer: There is this code, hosted on Github. Simple JS which looks for the local date and if it is 1/18/12, changes the body to display a message about SOPA.

If the content isn't exactly what you are looking for, the script could be updated fairly easily, once saved to your server.
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SOPA Blackout JS Utility
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Response by poster: Read the original message, Artw.
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Response by poster: I took the code tommcabe mentioned and adapted the message and links so they point to the EFF page, and also explain that it's an issue for American citizens to solve. Thanks all.
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