Please recommend someone in Toronto who does drywall. For real.
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Oh drywaller, sweet drywaller, wherefore art thou? Please recommend someone in Toronto who can drywall two closets and a wall, including sound proofing on the wall and reconstruction work on one of the closets (old doorway closed up, new door installed).

Usually I can find someone on Homestars for any job of this nature, but for some weird reason I've contacted every well-rated drywaller on there and hardly anyone bothered to get back to me, and then those who did didn't follow through. I've gotten as far as having two different guys come to the house and take measurements and promise to send me a quote within a few days, only to never hear from them again. And before you say I'm the common denominator here, I've never had this kind of problem with any other kind of tradesperson.

So I'm looking for a drywaller who is skilled and also not a flake.
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Can't recommend anyone, but they are flaking on you based on the small nature of the job. You may be better off contacting one of those general handyman types.
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Dunno if he goes as far as the Junction, but I'll memail you Paul W's contact details. He's semi retired, but has built, plastered and woodworked his whole life, and loves doing the small jobs no-one will take.
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I've had this guy do some work for me in that vein and while I was happy with both the price and quality of the work, I was more happy with the process; the plastic sheeting over stuff that shouldn't get dirty, cleaning up after himself every day, not disappearing for six weeks after doing a third of the job, that sort of thing.
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You mention soundproofing so I'll mention QuietRock. Awesome stuff - I have it all over our new reno and I am amazed at how much it dampens noise.
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Best answer: Well, I ended up hiring someone recommended to me by the Passionate Painter that mhoye links to. Stefan and his helpers were at my place three days this past week and they soundproofed the one wall (using, yes, QuietRock), reconstructed the hall closet, and drywalled the hall and linen closets. The work looks good so far as I can tell. I was especially impressed that they framed the new hall closet door in trim that almost exactly matched the very old trim and lintels that frame all the other doors in the up and downstairs halls — I never even thought of asking if they could do that. I'm going to hire Stefan to put in the new hallway and guest room flooring that is the next thing on my list. And apparently he does everything but carpeting, so I'll likely be having him back to do some other stuff after that.

Thanks all.
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