Orange wall ISO design help
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Help me design my VERY ORANGE WALL.

I have one wall left to fill!

OK, so I have been on this long and crazy repainting and redesigning project in my little apartment. This involved painting two rooms this crazy orange color, which sort of changes to a tomato red depending on the lighting.

Budget is as little as possible, but flexible-ish.

What I want: a nice piece or something large, or a collection of smaller pieces, ideally very light or white in color. The room looked like this when it was landlord white; the wall is the far brick one.

Stuff I like: photography, furniture design, history, typography, Zen, European architecture, information design, clean lines.

Any ideas?
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That looks an awful lot like the color we painted our living room! We have a large Shag print (link to photo of said print on orange wall) that works really well with the color; in our case the colors in the print match, but I think even contrasting colors would work with his style.
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IIRC, the philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein arrived at a deliberate color scheme that was unlike the way other students painted their rooms. He had orange walls with complimentary blue trim. He wanted exact shades for the colors, I think they were on the bright side.

If the door frames and floor trim, and maybe some ornamental ceiling molding, was painted the right color of blue, maybe you could look classic and funky at the same time.
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I did that too. I have put an Ikea roomdivider in front of it, with some shelves left empty and others filled with art, books or random stuff. It works out awesome (if I may say so.... of course i am biased)
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I'm not sure it matches your requirements, but I'm thrilled to see fellow orange room-lovers here. Here's what I did with my office, which is a bit more contemporary than what I expect you're looking for. I love red and orange together.
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Response by poster: StickyCarpet, the bedroom is a nifty blue...sort of grayish blue. FYI I tried a more saturated blue out with one painting on the orange wall and it about blew my eyes out with the intense contrast.

Great suggestions, much appreciated, keep em coming!
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Best answer: So you want art items for a white wall, or for the orange wall? I wouldn't use washed out items on the white wall. I think you need something that talks to the orange wall. In any case, my recommendation is to include some navy, brown, and cream. Here are some things that I just browsed that might work--quirky, strong, and design-conscious.

- Porcupine mirror
- A framed collection of bowties (or something similar and personal to you)
- And a map (this one of NYC) in orange and navy and cream
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I love this guy's stuff so much, I would recommend it, orange wall or not!
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Response by poster: Cocoa, for the orange, not the earlier white. Very nice from you too. Now I'll get back to work for a moment and go through everything a bit later rather than reloading all the time. Thanks!
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Orange and blue are complimentary, so I would focus on generally blue stuff. And cooler blues, to offset that (on my screen at least) very warm orange.
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Best answer: This looks a bit like Pantone's color of the year for 2012, which is called Tangerine Tango -- so you might try looking through design blogs for that, or just a Google image search. Apartment Therapy seems to like it with neutrals, like light grays and the color of undyed linen. I do too -- I have a bunch of oranges and grays in my living room, and blues that range from navy to ice.
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I would go with groupings of art that contrasts with the wall (more white in it) as you had mentioned. Something that makes you feel calm--I had an orange wall in our place and it's a color that pops out at you. Currently in my favorites:

Feathers and more feathers

Peacock poster

Abstract seascape or beach landscape

Or vintage letters here
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More suggestions in whites/neutrals as I procrastinate...
- Superheroes in type
- Funky pencils matted and framed in white, for example: Twin Peaks, Ron Burgundy, or I'm the best!
- Louis Armstrong/Map Print
- An ethereal Jersey Shore photo
- A white origami koi or origami star mobile
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