Fun in the Louisville,KY area
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Driving from NC out to the Louisville,KY area in Feb. for a day or two. Any quick and cheap things to do there or on the way,weather permitting?
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Do you like bourbon?
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Seconding the bourbon. Lots of factories have free tours. Also the Louisville Slugger museum was pretty cool in a "How Its Made" way. It also has batting cages. I've heard there is a good children's museum nearby but haven't been. 4th street is the place to go at night. We went to a piano bar that was a lot of fun.
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Bernheim Forest is a nice place for a hike, if, as you say, weather permits.

21c is a cool museum/bar/hotel, but pretty bourgie. The museum is free but drinks are pricey.

Highland Coffee is a great place for caffeine and meeting people, there are always friendly folks hanging out there, inside or out.

The whole Highlands area is pretty hip in general, and you can get directed towards all kinds of cool stuff by asking around or checking billboards!
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Oh, there's contra dancing in the Highlands too. Not my thing, but it's free, and the people are nice.
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Since you seem to like history, how about the Frazier?
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