Is there a way to get Twitter search results back into Google search results?
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Is there a way to get Twitter search results back into Google search results?

Sometime last year Twitter got removed from Google results. I found, in succession, a Greasemonkey script, a Stylish script, and an add-on that put the results back, more or less. All of them eventually stopped working.

So, anyone know of a script, addon, or other browser thingamajig that would put the results back? Something that gets updated would be also be nice.

It would have to work with Firefox.
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Found this in a google search of "twitter search," recursively enough. This may be something in their sandbox, but give it a whirl?
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According to this Perhaps the best bet is to use Bing (eww), as the agreement between Google and Twitter expired in June.

Or use a script that puts Bing twitter results into your Google page, no idea if that exists or not.
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DogPile accumulates answers from both Google & Bing (among others), so it could be the answer if you truly need the Goog, and Twitter.
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Don't be evil bookmarklet seems to have fixed this, to some degree.

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