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I have an android 2.2 phone. I love the speech recognition through the google search widget or google maps, but I can't get it to work with several other apps like google talk, calendar or the native messaging app. Any ideas?

I have an LG Optimus V (rooted). This problem has existed from the get go, before I rooted it. From time to time the voice recognition has worked in these apps, but no longer. When I try it, I get gibberish. Sometimes the output is in foreign languages, other times the words are just straight up nonsense. In my settings on the phone and on google dashboard English is the only language selected. It works perfectly, and always has, if I am using the google search widget, the browser, or google maps. I have tried 1) Clearing all the data and cache from these apps 2) uninstalling updates, trying them again (still broken) then reinstalling updates 3) Anonymizing my speech on the google dashboard, deleting all of the old recordings.
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Best answer: Never mind, hive mind, I figured it out myself. I had to clear the data from the Swype keyboard app. Now it works like a charm. I had been googling this for the last 2 months to no avail, then it hit me. Every instance in which it malfunctioned involved the Swype keyboard. I hope this helps somebody, because I know it frustrated me to no end.
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