Recommendations for Kaiser primary care doctor experienced and sympathetic to disability from fibromyalgia?
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Can you recommend a Kaiser (Northern California) primary care doctor experienced with and sympathetic to disability from fibromyalgia?

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in November and went on disability in December. I've been having a lot of difficulty getting the paperwork from my doctor since all of the symptoms are self reported rather than independently confirmed. Adding to the difficulty is how Kaiser (Northern California) process disability paperwork (i.e., at a glacial pace). My employer is really unhappy with how long it is taking since I've been out since 12/19 and of course that is just adding to the stress.

I'll also note that my primary care doctor failed to diagnose the fibromyalgia and it wasn't until I saw a rheumatologist that I received the diagnosis. The rheumatologist hasn't been very helpful on this front either and I don't think they will see me since fibromyalgia is not an immune system disorder.

What I am looking for are specific recommendations for primary care doctors at Kaiser (Oakland preferred but anywhere in the Bay Area is fine) that have a lot of experience with fibromyalgia, and particularly, assisting with disability claims. Since I just re-upped with Kaiser I am stuck with them for the year unless I want to pay everything out of pocket.

Right now I am just applying for California short term disability but am considering applying for federal benefits.

Note: My doctor seems to be trying to help but is skeptical despite saying explicitly that she didn't think I was trying to "game the system." My doctor agrees that I have fibromyalgia but is hesitant to actually say that I cannot work - even though I've explained multiple times that the pain, fatigue and concentration issues make it impossible to do my job (I'm an attorney at a large law firm). At this point she provided a "Work Status Report" saying that I could work up to one hour per day. This may be sufficient for now, but I would like to find a doctor that I don't have to fight with all the time about this.

Also will note that I am working with Kaiser's Chronic Pain program, doing yoga, losing weight and other things to try and manage the symptoms. My doctor knows this as well and says that I'm doing 'all the right things.'

I also plan on contacting the various fibro support groups but I'm hoping to get some quick answers here on the green.

Thanks all.

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I've been really happy with Dr. Amrita Deshpande in Union City (literally, it's just over the border from Hayward into UC). I don't officially have fibromyalgia, but I have issues that are pretty similar, and the diagnosis has been thrown out there a few times.

I came in from Blue Shield a few months ago, and she was compassionate, listened before making any judgements, and recommended several things I had and hadn't tried.

I hope someone else can give a more specific recommendation. But I've had SOOOO many bad doctors that I'm thrilled to find someone who is pretty great.
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