Will No-Doz cause kidney stones?
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Will No-Doz or other caffeine stimulant pills cause kidney stones?

I've had chronic kidney stones since I was 18, with 2 surgeries to remove them in the past 10 years. After a prolonged urine collection/examination regimen, it was determined that my stones were formed from oxalate crystals, and that in addition to drinking lots of water, I also needed to be on a low-oxalate diet.

I've cut coffee drinking down to weekends only, and drink plenty of water/lemonade when I do, but I feel so groggy during the week that I'm tempted to drink coffee more often.

I'd like to be able to cut out coffee altogether, but still get the buzz when I really need it to make it through the day.

Are oxalate crystals in caffeine, or are they an altogether separate part of coffee?
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According to this:
Also, a study published by Massey and Sutton (2004) showed a modest positive relationship between caffeine intake and urinary calcium levels in stone formers and non-stone formers, so caffeinated beverages should be limited in stone formers. In summary, stone formers should drink more water and avoid excess caffeine, black tea, and grapefruit and apple juices.
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Anecdotally, I never (ok like 3-4 times per year) have caffeine and yet I've still have kidney stones and just finished my first ever-so-lovely gout attack (maybe we have different kinds of kidney stones though, mine aren't "chronic").

Cut caffeine entirely if you really want to, you'll go through the withdrawals but in the end you'll be fine. Your body needs the caffeine because your body is accustomed to the caffeine. I'm at the point now where half a dr.pepper at 11am will keep me up until 2/3am. It really makes me realize how powerful caffeine is.
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