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I'm trying to find a TV show theme song via a vague recollection of the song that might not even be correct.

Here's what I know:

1. I think it was a BBC show, but maybe not.
2. There was a woman singing, possibly two or more in harmony. The vocals sounded vaguely ABBA-ish, if that makes sense.
3. I remember the line "They don't care about us."
4. Sitting bewildered next to my girlfriend while she enjoyed the "Absolutely Fabulous" reunion show is what jogged my memory of it.

Google isn't much help because "they don't care about us" keeps returning links for Michael Jackson.
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Best answer: Tracey Ullman (or Kirsty MacColl's) They Don't Know About Us? I don't think it was ever a theme song but it's...theme song-y. And it's so (marvellously) kitschy that it almost sounds like a French & Saunders parody of a pop song.
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bcwinters - it was used as the theme song for Tracey Ullman's show Tracey Takes On for a few years.
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Oh, definitely, Tracey Ullman used it in her TV shows.
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Response by poster: Got it in one! Wow.

I had the lyric wrong, but I knew it was a female vocalist and at least some tangential British connection, if not BBC.

Thanks, bcwinters. Well done.
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I think about that song almost every day so I'm just glad my brain's playlist was useful for once.
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Maybe also informing the Absolutely Fabulous association: Kirsty MacColl was a recurring musical guest on one of the early series of French & Saunders.
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It's a Kirsty MacColl song that Ullman covered. Kirsty MacColl was amazing, and you should check out everything she's ever done.

Also, just for the record, there is a link between Absolutely Fabulous and Tracy Takes On: Girls On Top* -- essentially a female answer to The Young Ones starring Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Ruby Wax, and Tracy Ullman. It can get grating at times (less so in the second series, after Tracy took off), but it contains my absolute favourite incarnation of Jennifer Saunders.
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Seconding Sys Rq. Kirsty was a treasure.
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