Remembering an early blog?
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What was the early blog I remember from the late 90's?

Back in the late 90's, there were two blogs I used to visit daily. One was Robot Wisdom and the second was......?? I seem to remember it was simply lists of links to interesting stuff (just like Robot Wisdom) but I think it was organized in categorized columns, very much like the current Popurls. It was the standard blue link color on a white page, very minimal design and - here's the part that confuses me - I swear the name was Meta"something". What pioneering blog was this?
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It wasn't Memepool, was it?
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Yeah, sounds like Memepool to me too. The co-founder of Memepool, Joshua Schachter, went on to start Delicious. He then worked for both Yahoo! and Google.
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Nthing Memepool. It's still around, if you want to see if it's what you're thinking of, it's just been dormant for about 4 years.
posted by zombieflanders at 9:27 AM on January 12, 2012 That's were I first started following blogs. Don't remember it being white, but I don't really remember the colours.
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Response by poster: It's possible it was Memepool but the layout doesn't ring a bell with me. I looked at the site via Wayback (1999) and that doesn't really seem like the site I'm seeing in my mind. I'm sure it was very similar to Popurls' layout.
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Was it Justin Hall's He had a bunch of columns with weird little search engines in them.
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The Obscure Store and Reading Room?
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Best answer: The web archive is deathly slow for me right now, so I'll just drop the links here and hope they work for you:

You could also poke around BlogTree, but their search seems broken right now (you can only get the first page of results).
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Response by poster: Bingo. It was metascene. The columns layout I remembered was the portal page. Thanks dhartung!
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You're welcome! One of my favorites too (we were on each others' blog rolls); I wonder what Fred is up to these days. (Dinah and Garret are obviously still around, though.)
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