Looking for animation technique from old Disney nature movies
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Please help me find an example of a paint-in-the-opening-scene animation effect.

When I was in grade school in the 1970's, I saw a number of films that featured a certain animation effect. I believe these were nature films, maybe Disney nature films?

In the opening sequence, a paint brush moves across the screen. As the paint flows off the brush, a full color scene appears on the screen. I believe that when the scene is fully painted in, it comes to life and starts to move.

Is there a name for this animation technique? Can you point me to some examples online?
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It's a form of wipe transition.

Probably created (if I were going to make it myself) by animating a paintbrush that uses green ink. Then I'd import the animation into after effects and put it on a layer on top of the video you want to be "painted" on. From there I would just key out the green.

It's a green screen technique.
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A famous one (although one that does not resolve to live action) is Disney's Aquarela do Brasil (Watercolor of Brasil).
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These are great. I'd appreciate additional examples if anyone has them, and further discussion of the technique (e.g. if it has a more specific name).
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HERE and a description of it here and additional links may help you define it.
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*whoops, apologies, I just caught the detail that you wanted Disney films only...
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Thanks, CarpeDiem, this is great. Just to be clear I'm not restricting this to Disney. I'm happy to see anything that uses this technique, or descriptions of it.
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