Recommend me a Stage piano?
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Stage pianos: My old Roland RD-100 stage piano has given up the ghost. Does anyone have recommendations for a replacement? Requirements within.

I am really looking for the most minimal replacement for it. I do need:
- Weighted keys that give it a piano feel
- 88 keys
- My Roland had 64 voices. That should be enough I think. More isnt bad.

I dont need:
- Any sound effects
- Any internal speakers. Line out is fine.
- Lots of programming options.

I could just get a Roland 300 I suppose but wanted to see if anyone had any other recommendations. The main purpose of the piano is practice at home not really for performance. I like the greater portability of a stage piano even compared to an upright.
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I use a Yamaha S90 as my main studio controller and sometimes live. It has a Motif sound engine built in, but the stage piano version, the P90 might be worth looking at for your requirements?
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If the lights are on but no sound is coming out, the MIDI may still work, in which case you could buy any MIDI sound generator use the keyboard to control it. Just a thought.
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I got a Yamaha P-95 this summer for home practice and I love it. The keys are weighted and graded and it has a lovely tone. It has good internal speakers but no dedicated line out - you could try one of the headphones sockets if you don't need stage amplification.
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Oddly, I was looking at the P95 as a replacement before posting this. So you guys are very helpful.

Also, cogat, yes I took it apart. I think the controller is didn't even occur to me to hook up the MIDI. I'll try that first! Thank you.
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Update: I bought a USB-MIDI cable, connected it to my laptop running GarageBand and...success! Great news as the RD-100 has pretty solid nice keys. Thanks again, everyone!
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