Is there any way of rolling back to an old version of a Chrome extenstion? (Tweetdeck)
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I used to love the old version of Tweetdeck for Chrome but really really don't get on with the new, updated, "better" version. Is there any way of still using the old version?
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I have not found a way to do that yet. And I definitely agree with you on putting "better" in quotes.
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After Googling my way to this page, I am happily using Old Tweetdeck. That new version is terrible — like the guys at Twitter took a look at all the awesome customization options that allowed you to really tweak and streamline your Twitter experience and said "Oh hell no, that's not nearly clunky enough" and just nerfed the whole thing. There are a couple of things I liked about it, but it's pretty useless.

I have New Tweetdeck and Old Tweetdeck installed side by side with no issues. Long live Old Tweetdeck!
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Oops, didn't realize you were talking about the Chrome extension. My mistake.
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Joey Bagels, I installed both together on my machine at home, and I just stopped using the Air one. I can't turn that off until it gets better.
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just **can't stop**
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