How to add coverflow to joomla?
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I am looking to design a custom Ecommerce site and from talking to people it looks like the way to go is Joomla. I have an idea what I want my site to look like and it will need to have coverflow. Is this something I will be able to include in my Joomla site? A google search was not very helpful with this for some reason.

I am already using shopify, but it is too limiting
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I'm curious what made Shopify too limiting. But I'm biased--I used to sell Joomla solutions but have largely moved on. :-)

The coverflow effect is possible in Joomla using something like this. Are you comfortable coding it? Or hiring someone to do so?

It can be really difficult to do that sort of customization in Joomla without knowing at least some PHP. Especially if you are already using an ecommerce add-on.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the quick reply back.

Here's the details. I have a new business that I feel will need a custom website with ecommerce and coverflow. I have only done minor web development and nothing like joomla or drupal or php or jquery or mysql or .... So for now I am setting up on shopify until I figure out how to create this future awesome website. I am guessing to get what I need I will need joomla or drupal.

That coverflow looks exactly what I would eventually need.

Do you think I could do something like coverflow in Shopify? Should I stay this route?

Maybe you could give me more insight as to what is possible in shopify?

What did you move onto?

any suggestions to what direction to go is greatly appreciated!!! THANKS!!!
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The user interface is separate from the backend (or at least it should be). Don't make a decision on a platform just because it has a shiny thing--there are a whole host of other things to consider when creating a commerce site. How easy is it to maintain? What product detail can you store? Are there up-sell and cross-sell capabilities? What about discounts? Procurement? Order handling?

Many things are possible given enough time and money.
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Best answer: Full disclosure: I work at Shopify.

Creating a coverflow like you want is totally doable within a Shopify theme. You can use your own custom javascript within the theme and you would use Liquid to bring in the products. I'm not on the dev/design side, so I asked one of our designers and he said it would take a good dev a couple of hours to integrate.
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> That coverflow looks exactly what I would eventually need.

Great. In my experience it's worthwhile to try a simple version first just to see if it really works well or if a different approach would be better. Sometimes simple = better all around.

> Do you think I could do something like coverflow in Shopify? Should I stay this route?

Yes. dripdripdrop summarized it nicely. I would take Liquid (kind of like a very simple programming language) over Joomla most any day. :-)

> What did you move onto?

I moved away from eCommerce in general, so I'm not sure it's helpful. I use a few different packages now that are more lightweight.
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