Can I salvage my broken Mac 11 airsoft guns?
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Can I salvage my broken Mac 11 airsoft guns? I bought them around 2004-2005, I am not sure what brand they are, and I want to spend as little as I can but still get them working in perfect order.

I have dual gas-operated Mac 11 Airsoft guns that I bought on eBay in 2004-2005, and they both came broken. On both, the handle was basically broken off from the body. Unfortunately, I couldn't return them, because it was going to cost too much for me to afford and the seller was being a jerk. I was stuck with them and still am, although I have never used them.

I want to know if I can save them. Apparently, there are 2 different brands of Mac 11 airsoft gun, and I am not sure which one I have. How can I tell? Also, I think they used to make some sort of replacement "full metal" frame, but I am not sure if this would solve my problem or not, and they are pretty expensive to buy. What are my most price-friendly options? I live between Richmond and Manassas, Virginia... but do a lot of online shopping, too.
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I don't fix guns(at least my multiple attempts dident succeed) but I know people who do.

You don't give us enough information to work with to give you specific information to fix them with, but even if you did, I personally couldn't help you.

The problem here is that AEGs are the popular guns. Everyone has one, and they are relatively simple to fix, and there are always tons of parts available and tons of tutorials.

Gas guns are relatively rare, and so there are far less tutorials and information available.

I would just give up the guns for lost(maybe sell them to an enterprising friend for pennies) and get some new guns. As nice as gas guns are(trust me, I've tried) go with a standard AEG this time and save yourself the trouble.

If you have more questions you can find my memail. I have a decent amount of knowledge on the topic.
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