Where can I find a transcript of an Army investigation interview?
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Where can I find declassified interview transcripts of US Army investigation interviews?

I'm writing a short story that uses a found document style and I'd like it to look like an interview transcript of a US Army investigation - as in the Army investigated a strange event in Afghanistan and the story is the interview one of the investigators had with a witness to the strange event. I've googled around but I can't find any recent documents that match that format.
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You could file a FOIA request for the court case files of the guys who were recently prosecuted (and sentenced at Ft. Lewis) for the "kill squad" team that were killing guys and cutting off fingers in Kandahar...
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There might be volumes with this kind of material in a Government Documents Library. I had a job helping shift the stacks in one, years ago, and there was all kinds of crazy stuff there.
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Best answer: Do you mean the sworn statement form? If so:
The regulations (AR 190-45) are here.
The form is here.
Here (first page, second page) is what one looks like when completed. You can see that they put the questions and answers on the form. If you click any of the transcript links here you can see completed ones for investigations into the mistreatment of Abu Ghraib detainees
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