We talked the boss into being Snow White. Now, we need to clothe seven dwarfs.
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I'm striking out on searches for seven tunics. Tent dresses doesn't seem to get me much farther. Ideas on where to find plain tunics in a variety of colors/sizes? We're all set on the beards, hats, ears, etc.
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Garb The World can make simple tunics in lots of colors and levels of detail. If you need in-stock items they have less colors but plenty of sizes.
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Would you consider getting some felt-type fabric from a fabric store, and just cutting a long rectangle with a hole in the middle for the head? It would be easy enough to do, and then you could just wrap a belt around the outside.
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Best answer: If you know anyone who can sew a straight line and you're willing to put in a couple hours of work, here's a quick and dirty tunic tutorial.
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I was thinking about this, and it seems to me that a nightshirt like this might work for just about everyone.
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Are any of the dwarves going to be played by women?

Victoria's Secret has a bunch of tunic tops on sale, including a few for for $9.99 each, and lots more styles and colors at 2/$40. Could be bought oversized or worn with leggings instead of tights, etc.
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I believe dressing gowns are an acceptable substitute for tunic in 7 dwarf costumes.
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