Extra points on the back-end?
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[DVD/Blu-Ray Commentary Filter]What compels the star(s)/director/producer/whomever to do commentary for a DVD/Blu-Ray release? Are they paid for that session of sitting and watching the movie while miked up? Or are they just hoping for more sales for their share of the back-end? Or is this just out of the goodness of their heart (particularly on "anniversary" releases)?
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It may or may not be contractual -- it depends on the contract -- but you are missing three more possible reasons

-- they enjoy it, especially shooting the shit with co-stars/collaborators about a movie that has just wrapped

-- vanity

-- pride in their work and wanting to tell people about all the things they probably didn't notice but which they took a lot of trouble over
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Having recently signed a contract related to TV/film production, lemme tell you, they think of everything. Down to what kind of hotel room and ticket you get if the company has to pay for your travel. Even if there weren't a specific contractual provision for it, it would probably fall under "Stuff we ask you to do to promote the work."
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Yeah, what Valkyryn said. Though it wouldn't surprise me if the WGA, DGA, SAG, etc had aspects of their contracts requiring payment for this sort of thing if it's done under certain conditions. For example "anniversary" commentaries commissioned many years after the fact.

I mean, there's no way the studio has you by the balls for the entire rest of your career on the off chance that a movie you made becomes a huge hit. Especially in the case of actors where the person might have had all of two weeks' involvement in the project to begin with.
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I've signed dozens of movie contracts and the DVD commentary has never been mentioned.
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Are you in a union?
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Yes, I"m WGA.
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I'll dig out a contract when I get a mo and go through it with a magnifying glass and see if there's anything. I don't think there is though.
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Possibly to settle old scores?
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