Dog Boarding, Atlanta
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Best dog boarding in Atlanta area?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I'm need to board my two lab mixes for at least a week, maybe longer. I live near Midtown, Atlanta, but i'm willing to drive around an hour (or more) to place them in the best environment possible. Optimally, a spot where they'd get a decent amount of attention, not just thrown into a group pen. I'm imagining a family with a big grassy field, where they can wrestle with other dogs or play fetch. Idyllic, pastoral maybe.

Am I imagining a doggie narnia, or do you have recommendations for places based on experience?

Bonus points if the owners/sitters have some training experience, or can tolerate a puppy in training.
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My father and stepmother visited for Thanksgiving, and had her little dog with them, a toy poodle or something like that. They couldn't bring him into the hotel they were staying at, and we couldn't have him in our house, so they looked for boarding. She insisted on the best boarding, and settled on a place near the airport. I'll see if I can get that info for you.
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Barking Hound Village. They have several locations....most around midtown. Really good....
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A couple I know travels frequently for work and like Wag-a-lot for their two dogs. Wag-a-lot has locations downtown (Memorial drive) and Decatur.
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I'd recommend Atlanta Dog Spa, where our dogs have spent many happy hours. They get a lot of play w other dogs, inside and outside.
But most of all, we will always remember how the staff stepped up for us one Christmas Eve, when we were far away and 1 of our dogs attacked the other. Sarah, the owner, got out of bed and took Abby to an emergency vet in the wee hours. Maybe any place would do that, but we were deeply impressed by the way they cared for our dogs.
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Atlanta Dog Spa
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Following up on my first comment above, the name of the kennel ("pet resort") is Park N' Bark.
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