Help me build a rocket stove
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I plan on building a rocket stove similar to this one. I want a smokeless (or nearly smokeless) fire for toasting s'mores, etc. Does anyone have some tips, such as where to find cans that aren't coated in bpa or old paint?
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You can buy new empty paint cans. Make sure they aren't zinc plated.
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For the soup cans, I'd get 28 oz. cans of organic tomatoes - many brands (e.g. Muir Glen) reliably use unlined ones. There are also quite a few places to buy empty cans, like Freund Container.

The #10 can (96 oz.) is going to be a little trickier. I haven't found anyone selling empty ones, but they are the go-to size for many survivalist / food stockpiler-types - I'd email a big supplier like Emergency Essentials and see if they're selling anything that you'd want to eat three gallons of in unlined cans.
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The people at Hammock Forums spend a lot of time building stoves. maybe toss some questions towards them
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