In search of an inexpensive, solid performing Canon DSLR. <$200 budget
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Options for a decent, inexpensive second-hand Canon DSLR?

I'm trying to find a decent, inexpensive, used Canon DSLR body to make use of the lenses and accessories I have from my older Canon SLR. Ideally I'm looking to spend under $200 on the body.

What are the best options in this price range on the used market?

Also, I'd like to pick up a relatively inexpensive, fixed wide-angle lens as well. It doesn't need to be terribly fast (that would be nice), but just something which takes great pictures for the money. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the help!
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I love my Canon XTi (and my 35mm f/2 prime), but it looks like the current going rate (according to Ebay anyway) is outside your budget. The slightly earlier XT might fit the bill though.

There's a sub-$100 50mm prime that's pretty highly regarded, but that's not exactly "wide angle"; with a crop factor body it's more like an 80mm.
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Yeah, I'm still rockin' out my XT. I love that thing, except that mine's grey. But I can live with that.
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Sigma 10-20mm isn't a prime, but it's probably the best ultra-wide you'll get for an APS-C camera for the money. I dunno if there's a non-fisheye that goes that wide for anything close to reasonable money.

I've seen 20D's in that price range. That's what I'd use, just for the better ergonomics of the XXD bodies.
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