MAN VS. SKUNK – April Fool’s Day Edition
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For the last couple of years, my SO and I have an on-going theme involving skunks that colors our April Fool's Day mischief. Help me find an inflatable skunk to keep the stinkin’ hilarity going!

On April Fools Day 2010, as fortune would have it, a skunk found its way into the crawl space underneath our bedroom. The pungency was almost unbearable. It was too perfect an opportunity, so while Mr. Numinous was in the shower, I shrieked loudly, rushed into the bathroom and exclaimed that skunk had somehow made its way into our bedroom and was cowering in the back of our closet. Mr. Numinous first looked at me in disbelief, but convinced by the sheer look of terror on my face, jumped out of the shower soaking wet, ran across our apartment without so much as grabbing a towel, and grabbed a pan and a wooden spoon to somehow "scare it out of the closet" (LOL WHAT). I immediately implored him to reconsider his plan of action, given that DUDE, IT'S A SKUNK. IF YOU SCARE IT, YOU WILL DEFINITELY GET SPRAYED. He agreed, dashed to his computer to look up the number to Animal Control, and dialed faster than I could exclaim "APRIL FOOLS!" Again, he looked at me incredulously, and then burst into laughter. WIN!

In 2011, to keep with the previous year’s theme, I purchased a remote-controlled animatronic skunk toy, set it up in the kitchen the evening before, and startled the bejeezus out of Mr. Numinous. He LOVED it - and we both spent the better part of the week in fits of giggles.

I would really like to continue the "early-morning skunk ambush theme" this year by placing a large vinyl inflatable skunk (~ 4 ft. - 6 ft. tall) in the shower the night of March 31st to greet Mr. Numinous when he showers the following morning. I'm thinking of something like one of these weighted "bop bags," but it needs to be skunk specific. I’ve searched high and low, but my Google-Fu has failed me. :(

It appears that the same company does offer a blank bop bag, and I suppose I could customize ahead of time (or try to stuff it into a costume), but I really would really prefer to purchase an inflatable skunk, if possible – and would rather not resort to purchasing anything featuring Pepe Le Pew. I’m reaching for the stars, folks!

Can anyone suggest a manufacturer or custom toy maker who might be able to fabricate a 4’ – 6’ tall inflatable skunk?

Bonus: if this endeavor is successful, I’ll follow up with SUPER AWESOME photos on the grey.

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Have you seen this inflatable skunk from Landmark Creations? (Search for 'skunk mascot' if this image doesn't come up on their site.) Worth an email to them anyhow!
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An alternative.
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PuffyPaws makes inflatables, and I did see mention of someone special ordering a skunk (based on the community, it was for fetish purposes, but whatever).
posted by jenny76 at 5:38 PM on January 10, 2012

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