I want to update spreadsheets through my apple devices. How?
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Spreadsheet sadness on iphone/ipad. How to update a spreadsheet through these devices?

Actual decent, sync-capable spreadsheet apps for iphone...do any exist?

So, I've looked through previous askme questions and I'm hoping there is some progress on the spreadsheet front for the iphone and ipad. I've looked through the various spreadsheet apps and it seems all of them have serious issues.

My situation: I've got a spreadsheet that I made on google docs.  I need to update it daily through an ipad and iphone, but the editing window is TERRIBLE through those devices.  I lose info, whether or not I use the mobile or desktop-style options.

I was wondering if I should:

A) get NUMBERS for my laptop, and try to update the spreadsheet through the Numbers app for the iphone/ipad.  (Potential issue: people say the syncing capabilities are very crap.)

B) get EXCEL for my laptop, and try to update the spreadsheet through an Excel-capable app on the iphone/ipad.

C) find an iphone/ipad app that is actually able to edit google spreadsheets in a decent, non-buggy way (I've searched and searched to no avail.)


D) ????

The spreadsheet isn't that complicated, but it does have 200+ rows, and several columns have conditional formatting.  I can ditch the conditional formatting if I absolutely have to do it.

I am tearing my hair out trying to find a working solution.  Perhaps the iphone/ipad not really meant for people who need to work on spreadsheets?

Any help or experience appreciated. Thank you.
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people say the syncing capabilities are very crap

Did people say that before or after iCloud rolled out this past October? It's supposed to be seamless.
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Response by poster: Zsazsa, it seems icloud doesn't work with the mac...though it does work with the ipad and iphone.

Major wtf.
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Best answer: Try Quick Office Pro HD - it's the best document, spreadsheet and presentation software for the iPad and I love it even though it's pricey.
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Best answer: Bytesquared also make a suite of "Office" products for iPad and iPhone, which integrate with GoogleDocs, DropBox etc. You'd presumably be interested in their Sheet app (but I only have experience of using the Doc app).
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Response by poster: Shazzam! and bright cold day...you folks are lifesavers. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

I think I'm going to go with Sheet (so far, it looks like it uses most of the formulas I need) and it seems to work exactly the way I want with google docs (with a bit of delay.)

Thank you so very much. This issue has been driving me nuts for weeks now!!!! I feel like a part of my sanity has been restored!!!
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